Monday, May 26, 2008

UT:APfEE Chapter 1: The Dragon in my Garage

Understanding Trent: A Primer for Everyone Else
Chapter 1: The Dragon in my Garage

I've decided that, in order to have something to blog about frequently, I will be peroidically attempting to reveal the depths of my existence to my minute readership. I fancy myself an emperical-sort, but while I revile arguement from authority in terms of facts, sometimes philosophy is best taken from the source.

If anyone wants to understand my skeptical nature, read on. Also, this will explain the meaning of my blog's title.

This is the best sum-up of my view on the whole skeptical worldview, as originally stated by Carl Sagan in The Demon Haunted World. I find it more diplomatic than the Flying Spagetti Monster and more educational than the Curch of the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

Go here to read: The Dragon in My Garage by Carl Sagan

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