Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm making a career of evil.

Having officially had 'enough', I've decided that my previous motivations in life were largely misdirected. As such, I've decided to move towards my back-up plan: villainy.

Now, as I see it, I need the following things to be successful as a villain:

1. A theme.
2. A series of bizarre hang-ups to use as a motivation for unfocused revenge.
3. Henchpersons.
4. A new wardrobe and 'villainous style'.
5. A doomsday device.
6. A stack of evil schemes.
7. A nemesis.

I am taking suggestions for all of the above, and I'm taking applications for #3. I specifically need interchangable goons, eccentric assassins, and a second-in-command.

Trent's Evil Organization, Ltd. is an equal-opportunity employer.

1 comment:

Gerbera Tetra said...

I can't be a nemesis or a hench, but I'll be on the council of Evil when we get around to forming one ^^

Having said that;

You need at least one hench wench perhaps a saucy second in command.

A raft of nameless goons.. in your case, Robots [or dudes in robot masks]

I think you should go for a Mad scientist meets Thor get up.. Prometheus!! [No Capes]

Your nemesis should be The Luddite!

Just off the cuff.