Thursday, October 16, 2008

October in Essence

Today, I walked out of work and felt the first blast of cold wind of the year. The sky was shrouded with clouds and all my senses were overwhelmed by a vague sense of nostalgia. I touched something deeply beautiful and infinitely bittersweet, a comforting swirl of sadness and contentment. In a brief moment I touched thirty Octobers that preceded this one, and felt a sensation that might well have been a rapturous religious experience in another context.

I stood for a brief moment and absorbed what I know as October, a sensation and an experience that is more than a point in the annual marking of time.

My only regret is that you weren't there.

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neoteny said...

The air seems to bite the eyes and leave a sting that refuses to fall and yet...and yet there is a sweetness at having those memories at all.